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Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be one of the best ways to propel yourself into new opportunities for advancement in almost any career. With strong strategic management and critical thinking skills, along with sound business principles, MBA graduates make attractive job candidates for myriad of roles within many different fields.

Today is an ideal time to pursue an MBA degree like the online Master of Business Administration General program from La Salle University. According to a report by U.S. News & World Report, employment listings under the “management” sector on have more than doubled since April 2021, rising 123% in that time. MBA graduates are well positioned in their job hunt thanks to that demand.

What fields have been the most active in hiring MBA graduates recently, and what skills are employers seeking? According to both the U.S. News & World Report and the, the following roles are in high demand:

Business Operations Manager

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the attitude toward remote work has shifted across industries, and many workplaces are moving toward some type of hybrid in-person/remote work model on a permanent basis. Business operations managers are leaders in this decision-making process, responsible for the evaluation and implementation of appropriate working models that align with the needs of the company. On a similar note, online shopping and other transactions have changed the way many businesses market and sell their products — another area where MBA grads should be fluent.

Financial Manager

A company’s finances are always a primary factor to consider in any decision, which makes a quality financial manager a perpetually attractive asset. These days, financial managers are typically savvy investors with a boundless knowledge of fiscal best practices and problem-solving ideas. They’re often responsible for the overall monitoring of a company’s budget and directing their investment and growth strategies.

Human Resources Manager

The last several years in the United States have seen a great deal of volatility and change sweeping the country, and those social ebbs and flows have had a profound effect on employers’ ability to retain their workers. A skilled human resources manager who can help attract and retain talented employees provides an invaluable asset to any organization. HR managers should deepen their cultural and social literacy, as more and more companies are recognizing diversity as an asset in the workplace and want to foster hiring practices and employee cultures that are more equitable and inclusive.

As a blog post from Earnest Loans notes that good managers also recognize the importance of emotional or social intelligence. Unfortunately, these skills that don’t always appear in a ledger, such as vibrant communication skills and relationship building.

Information Technology (IT) Manager

A company’s software, hardware and other digital technologies have become assets of the utmost importance during the last two decades. Therefore, companies must take appropriate measures to safeguard these assets, including employing an expert information technology (IT) manager. MBA graduates are the leaders in securing all computer networks and digital assets.

Management Consultant

Management consultants are always in demand, as companies are constantly facing challenges and obstacles due to the ever-changing nature of business. These consultants can work for a consulting firm or independently, and they step in to assist companies in identifying problems and offering potential solutions in a variety of areas. Their knowledge and third-party perspective can provide valuable insights to organizations.

Marketing Manager

No matter what they produce, all companies need a marketing manager to help attract consumers to their products. Marketing managers should be creative people with innovative solutions for probing potential markets and doing business. They will help create and oversee marketing campaigns while also coordinating the activities of the marketing department. Therefore, understanding market dynamics, industry trends and consumer psychology are crucial skills for marketing managers to hone.

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