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Why Online for an RN to BSN Program?

Have you ever met — or been — a registered nurse (RN) who is not busy? It’s rare to meet a nurse with too much free time on their hands, and it will likely stay that way. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment of RNs to increase by 6% between 2022 and 2032, meaning the RN occupation will grow roughly twice as fast as the average employment growth of all occupations in the U.S. Additionally, there is a persistent nursing shortage in many areas of the country. Clearly, the constant need for more nurses will not slow down any time soon.

So why would an employed RN want to go back to school to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree? BSN-prepared nurses often earn higher incomes than diploma or ADN RNs and are eligible for more jobs and promotions. As to the impact you can have by earning a BSN, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) highlights numerous studies that tie BSN preparation to improved patient care outcomes in healthcare settings.

Plus, earning a BSN is easier than ever with options like La Salle University’s 100% online RN to BSN program. Designed for the modern working nurse, the online model of this program offers many advantages. Here are eight major benefits of online learning for RNs looking to earn their BSN and advance their career:

1. Take Classes and Exams at Your Own Pace at Any Time of Day

If you’re a fast learner with more time, you can complete the accelerated online program sooner. If you have less time or lots of family and work demands, you can make incremental progress at a slower rate. Regardless of your pace, you can achieve the same result: earning a career-changing BSN degree.

2. Learn From Anywhere

There may not be an RN to BSN program close to where you live or a nearby program that offers quality instructors. However, as long as you live in one of 49 approved states, La Salle University’s online RN to BSN can conquer this obstacle, providing you with remote access to excellent faculty and a high-quality, CCNE-accredited nursing program. See La Salle’s State Authorization map for more details on program availability.

3. Prepare Yourself for the Future of Medicine and the Professional World As a Whole

Healthcare is incorporating more technology that allows for remote patient care like telehealth services as well as improved analytics, automation and much more. La Salle’s RN to BSN coursework explores advancements in healthcare technologies and information systems, preparing students for evolving practices in nursing. Plus, in completing an online program, you’ll learn how to communicate fluidly over virtual platforms with your teachers and classmates, preparing you for situations that warrant remote patient care.

4. Benefit From Interactions With Classmates From Different Backgrounds

Through online learning, you have the opportunity to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds. This can be an important component of nurse development in terms of building cultural competence and intercultural communication — critical skills for today’s nurses. Further, the fellow students you interact with in an online program may become a lifetime network of professional contacts that can be just as valuable as your advanced education.

5. Earn Higher Grades by Learning at Your Own Pace

Higher education is not easy, nor should it be. Adhering to a strict schedule of lectures and exams while trying to balance family and work can add to the challenges of school, potentially having a negative — and disproportionate — impact on grades for nurses who have obligations beyond their studies. The flexible schedule of online coursework can help you juggle your responsibilities effectively and maximize your academic performance.

6. Make More Efficient Use of Your Precious Time

Attending on-campus classes means you must spend precious hours commuting from home to student parking and walking to and from class. The commute can more than double your time investment in attending school. There is also the question of adjusting your work schedule to attend classes, which can be difficult for all but those with the most flexible work schedules. The convenience of online learning means no commuting and no scheduling work around set class times, freeing you to use your time how you choose.

7. Learn in a Comfortable Environment

Your customized study nook at home can offer a comfort level more conducive to your personal learning style. This benefit of online learning can help you optimize your learning experiences and increase the rate of information you retain. Further, with no social pressure or dress code to follow, you can even wear what you want while you study. Studying in your ideal environment can also give you the freedom needed to maintain your self-care routine — be it taking breaks to exercise or making healthy meals.

8. Concentrate Better

Many students absorb and learn new material more effectively when there are no in-class distractions. It’s hard to ignore other students nearby when they’re whispering, tapping their pens or even surfing the web within your gaze. Many students also find it easier to interact and participate without the social distractions of the in-person classroom.

If you are a busy working nurse, an online RN to BSN degree program may be the best option for advancing your career, pursing nursing leadership roles, earning more money and improving the lives of yourself, your patients and your loved ones.

Learn more about La Salle University’s online RN to BSN program.

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