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Frequently Asked Questions

International students must prepare an international graduate admission application and also complete financial responsibility and educational summary forms from a program director. TOEFL scores also must be submitted.
Online students can apply for need-based financial aid. There are no scholarships offered to our online students, as the tuition rates are lower than our on-campus programs. Please contact the Student Financial Services office.
If you choose to pay by wire transfer, instructions are available on Br. LUWIS by selecting wire transfers on the Student Accounts Receivable link. Please include your student ID number with the wire transfer to ensure accurate and timely processing.
If you choose to pay by mail please make your check/money order payable to La Salle University. Please include your student ID number on the face of the check to ensure accurate and timely processing. Because U.S. mail is sometimes unpredictable please mail your payment ten days in advance of the due date and address to: La Salle University Office of Student Accounts Receivable 1900 West Olney Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199 Do not send cash through the mail.
Through the Student Accounts Receivable link on Br. LUWIS you are also able to set up an authorized user to view and pay your eBill. We strongly encourage you to set-up anyone who will be paying your account on your behalf as an authorized user. Your authorized user will receive an email when an eBill is available.
The Office of Student Accounts Receivable generates an electronic student billing statement, also referred to as an eBill. An email notification will be sent to your University email account when your eBill is available. The University does not send paper bills. Your eBill is available 24/7 and can be accessed by logging into Br. LUWIS and then:
  1. Select Student Services
  2. Select Student Accounts Receivable
  3. Select View and Pay Your eBill
When you view your eBill you are also able to pay your eBill electronically through eCheck (ACH) or by credit card. We recommend you pay via eCheck as a convenient, secure, fast and free method to pay your student bill. If you chose to pay by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) a 2.75 percent convenience fee will be added to the transaction.
Please make sure that all tuition and fees are paid in full by the Friday prior to your first day of class. Any unpaid balance will result in you being removed from the course. However, if removed from a course, you are encouraged to apply for the following term. Find additional start dates on the programs Calendar page.
Concentration Potential Clinical Sites
FNP ·         Primary care facilities (clinics, physician offices) ·         Specialty practices (maximum of 50 hours total at a specialty office and must be pre-approved, cardiology, etc.) ·         Urgent care centers ·         Long-term care facilities, hospice settings
AGNP ·         Primary care facilities (clinics, physician office) ·         Specialty offices (urgent care, cardiology, occupational health, etc.) ·         Long-term care facilities, hospice settings
Clinical hour requirements vary based on the course. For additional information, see the course syllabus.
In general and for the majority of clinical hours, students are required to complete their time in an outpatient primary care setting. Placement at long-term care and hospice facilities may also be considered appropriate. Any other specialty hour site situations must be approved ahead of time by the assigned faculty coordinator.
Clinical rotations may be completed at the student’s place of employment; however, students must abide by the following rules:
  1. Clinical hours cannot be completed in the student’s direct unit or patient care area
  2. Immediate supervisor cannot be the student’s preceptor
  3. Students cannot perform clinical hours during any time they are being paid as an employee
  4. Students are discouraged from completing clinical experiences in their place of employment if there is any risk of role conflict- MW
La Salle does not contract with a third party to assist with locating preceptors or clinical sites. Students are discouraged from using a third party, especially if payment for services is required.
Preceptors must be approved prior to the start of each clinical experience. Preceptor information must be submitted to the university a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of a clinical for approval; it is highly recommended that students submit 90 days prior.
No, students are not permitted to use their direct supervisor as their preceptor. Students are also not permitted to perform clinical rotations during hours they are working as an employee at a facility.
Preceptor Qualifications by Concentration:
Concentration Degree / Experience / Qualifications
FNP ·         Minimum of 2 years of clinical experience ·         Master’s degree or higher ·         Can be an MD, DO, or CRNP/CNM with both a prescriptive authority license and evidence of board certification
AGNP ·         2 years of clinical experience ·         Master’s degree or higher ·         Can be an MD, DO, or CRNP with both a prescriptive authority license and evidence of board certification
La Salle provides support for students to secure a clinical site. Despite this support, it is highly encouraged that students use their professional networks to assist in their own site placement. La Salle cannot guarantee a clinical placement within a student’s immediate geographic location. Students may be required to commute outside of their local area for clinical placement.
The application process is quick and easy! All we need are:
  • Application
  • Official transcripts (from all undergraduate and graduate universities/colleges as well as community colleges that you attended)
  • Professional, up-to-date resume
  • GMAT/GRE test scores, if required
We have five terms throughout the year: two terms in both the fall and spring semesters and one term in the summer. In these eight-week terms, as our MBA classes are accelerated, we recommend that students who are working full time only take one class per term.
As our MBA online program is very flexible, we accept and review applications throughout the year. To complete the admission decision in a timely manner and consequently start the program in the upcoming term, the deadline to complete an application is two weeks before the start of each term. We recommend completing the application much sooner to allow yourself time to get all required documentation submitted. Our terms generally start on Mondays as shown on the University's Academic Calendar. International student applications should be completed at least two months prior to the dates listed above.
To simplify the registration process, students are automatically registered/scheduled for the classes as they appear on their model rosters. Students will be contacted immediately after acceptance and asked if they want to register for the upcoming term. If they would like to register, the MBA Office will automatically register them for the first term and all upcoming terms. If a student needs to take time away from the program for a term, they can do so by simply notifying the MBA Office up to one week before classes are scheduled to start. An updated model roster will be sent to the student with their revised schedule.
Students may specialize in accounting, finance, management, business systems and analytics, marketing, or general business administration. If a student is unsure which specialization would be best for them, the MBA team is available to discuss the options and outline a course schedule for that discipline. Approximately 40% of our students complete the general business administration specialization, which allows them the flexibility of selecting individual courses across the disciplines that meet their skill or knowledge-learning goals. MBA academic advisors are available to work with students to help them with their choice of concentration and how best to complete the specialization.
Students may be able to transfer up to six credits from another AACSB-accredited MBA program. A grade of “B” or better is required. Each request must be approved by the program director prior to starting the program. Specialization courses may not be transferred in.
The number of credits required for your MBA depends on your prior academic and professional experience. There is a required minimum of 33 credits and a maximum of 39 credits. Once you apply, you will receive a model roster that shows how many courses will be required to complete your MBA. This roster will also provide you with a tentative schedule for completing the work. Before you apply, you can request a model roster from the MBA team, which will identify the courses that you will need to take to complete your MBA. Just e-mail a copy of your undergraduate transcript and your resume to the MBA office at online [email protected]. We will review your credentials and then e-mail your proposed Model Roster to you.
Yes. Foundation courses (MBA 601 and 602 add course 603) may be waived based on undergraduate or previous graduate coursework. Students must have received grades of “B” or better in equivalent undergraduate coursework for such a waiver. Students who majored in Finance, Marketing, Accounting or Business Analytics may also be granted another waiver in their academic and professional discipline. You may request a copy of a model roster at any time to determine if you qualify for any course waivers. See the answer to how many credits you will need to complete your degree for more information.
It is possible to complete a La Salle MBA online program in 14 months, depending on the specific academic credits needed. To do so, a student will have to take more than one class during our eight-week terms, which many have found very challenging when they are employed full time. We don’t recommend students take more than one course in an eight-week term while working full-time. Most of our students complete the MBA in approximately two years to balance their education with their professional and personal lives. If a student does not qualify for any course waivers in our online MBA curriculum, it will not be feasible to complete the program in 14 months.
Average age: 33 Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.18 Average Years of Work Experience: Seven
The GMAT (or GRE, which we accept) may be waived or deferred based on an individual's prior academic success, and professional experience and credentials. You may view the specifics on how to qualify for a GMAT waiver or deferral in the admission requirements for the Master of Business Administration online program.
La Salle’s Master of Business Administration program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Less than 5% of business programs worldwide are accredited by AACSB. Learn more about the AACSB accreditation.
The MBA degree awarded for completing the MBA online program is the same degree granted by all of the La Salle MBA programs. All of our MBA degrees are equivalent, and each has the same AACSB accreditation. Our individual MBA programs are designed to meet the education and professional development needs of our students in a format or platform they can fit it into their personal and professional lives.
The BSN, MSN, DNP, and APRN post-master's certificate programs at La Salle University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.
Students will be advised about the optimal course sequence to promote successful progression through the program. Core courses should be taken prior to registering for Advanced Core courses. Track specific courses must be taken in sequence as advised after Core and Advanced Core courses are completed. Clinical courses may not be taken until all other program requirements are completed.
All compliance requirements must to be submitted to Castlebranch and/or our department two weeks before clinical hours commence. Students who do not meet this deadline will be moved to a future semester cohort. LaSalle has partnered with Castlebranch for storage of student compliance items.
Yes. An advisor will be assigned to work with students throughout the program. For questions regarding clinicals, students should reach out to their coordinator directly.
The earlier the better. Students should submit preceptor requests no later than 90 days prior to the start of each clinical rotation to be sure they are approved and avoid any delays.
A variety of career and employment services are available for our MBA students, including employer contacts and networking opportunities. MBA students are encourage to utilize our career management tool, Handshake, and the services of our Career Services.

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