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The supportive, experienced online faculty at La Salle University is committed to helping you advance your professional skills and career goals.

University Faculty

Nursing Faculty

Experienced faculty makes a real difference.

Experienced faculty makes a real difference.

La Salle faculty are student-centered and experts in the nursing field. Learn more!


Melissa Altman-Traub

Adjunct Instructor of Nutrition

"I think anyone working in health care needs to understand the extent that Americans' diet and lifestyle habits have affected the risk for chronic diseases, which are the major cause of death today."

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Dr. Meryle Gurmankin

Assistant Professor

"I started teaching as a way to share my love for my profession. I love seeing the light bulb go on as students discover new ways to care for clients and themselves."

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Dr. Jane M. Kurz


"Completing the BSN program opens work and professional opportunities that would have been unavailable to the non-BSN nurse. The course assignments are created to stimulate critical thinking and provide different views of current conditions in a safe environment."

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Dr. Frances Kinder

Associate Professor

"To be successful in nursing you need empathy, compassion and caring attitudes. Nurses need to be quick thinkers and be able to work in stressful, demanding environments."

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Dr. Jeannine Uribe

Assistant Professor

"I would like students to realize the importance of their BSN education and the new skills they are learning. I would like students to realize their important role in making the world healthier through health promotion and disease prevention."

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Dr. Joan Parker Frizzell

Associate Professor

"The BSN enables to nurses to develop a broader perspective of patient care. It encourages nurses to examine research and evidenced-based practice on a higher level."

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Dr. Kathleen Czekanski

Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

"My passion is being able to assist students in meeting their professional goals. From the pre-licensure to RN to BSN to graduate student, this is a very rewarding experience."

Learn more about Dr. Kathleen Czekanski »

Tracy Carlino

Adjunct Lecturer

“Your efforts will pay off in the pride you will feel achieving your degree. There is no time better than now to continue your learning.”

Learn more about Tracy Carlino »

Rosemary Zuk

Adjunct Faculty

“An online program is a great alternative for students who need flexibility in their personal life in order to continue their nursing education.

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Business Faculty

We make you—the student—and your success our priority. Watch now!

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Dr. Walt Schubert

Professor of Finance

"An MBA should ultimately allow the holder to make excellent business and financial decisions in their professional and personal lives. They should come out of the program with increased discernment qualities, increased analytic capabilities and a keen understanding of how change impacts them."

Learn more about Dr. Walt Schubert »

Dr. Lester Barenbaum


"Online programs provide an excellent educational platform for highly motivated individuals who need more flexibility than classroom programs."

Learn more about Dr. Lester Barenbaum »

Dr. Joshua Buch

Professor of Finance

"The MBA should give the students the tools to become business leaders who are capable of initiating and making sound business decisions."

Learn more about Dr. Joshua Buch »

Dr. Elizabeth Cooper

Associate Professor

"Finance is just as much of an art as it is an objective science. I encourage creativity and critical thinking once students have a solid foundation of the basics."

Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Cooper »

Dr. Joseph Ugras

Associate Professor

"The courses that I teach provide the students skills for making the decisions with financial and non-financial data. I would like the students to appreciate the value of data-driven decision making that is supported by a strong foundation."

Learn more about Dr. Joseph Ugras »

Dr. Karen Reardon

Assistant Professor

"After nearly 20 years as a practicing lawyer, for profit and nonprofit entrepreneur and small business owner/manager, I returned to academia in order to share my education, wisdom and experience with others."

Learn more about Dr. Karen Reardon »

Mike DiPietro

Assistant Professor

"I've always been a person that enjoyed the interaction of a classroom environment, either in person or online, and the learning that takes place in that setting."

Learn more about Mike DiPietro »

Dr. Gary J. Falcone

Adjunct Professor

"This degree is the cornerstone of business. It demonstrates achievement, aptitude, competence and potential in the field."

Learn more about Dr. Gary J. Falcone »

Madjid Tavana

Professor and Chair

“I am strongly committed to an interactive classroom style that motivates students and promotes critical thinking. I try to make learning interesting, exciting and fun for students by mixing presentations, case studies and real-life projects in a hands-on environment.”

Learn more about Madjid Tavana »

Dr. Nilofar Varzgani

Assistant Professor

“Treat your online classes the same way you would a face-to-face class—or, better yet, a job. You must ‘show up’ if you’re going to get real value out of your class. You need to have the discipline to sit down and say, “I am going to work on this” as well as the dedication to actually follow through. Participating in online programs is a great way to learn the valuable skill of time management.”

Learn more about Dr. Nilofar Varzgani »

Technology Faculty


Steven Hilkowitz

Adjunct Professor

“While there will be specific bits of knowledge necessary for any occupation/subject, the main issue is to develop the ability to discern the facts, place them in an appropriate framework and use this knowledge to make a decision. I continually use the mantra that whatever you are working on, it is an art and not a science.”

Learn more about Steven Hilkowitz »

Margaret McCoey

Assistant Professor; Program Director

“Remember, these programs are challenging. You need to actively participate and communicate in order to succeed.”

Learn more about Margaret McCoey »

Robert McGinley

Adjunct Professor

“I've focused my career on finding and tackling the most complex problems using simple solutions. Problems are complex, but solutions should not be.”

Learn more about Robert McGinley »

Margaret McManus

Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Professor (Retired); Currently Adjunct Faculty

“I enjoy being able to engage students in learning data concepts and having them bring their own real-world experience. I firmly believe that we benefit from lifelong learning and sharing our knowledge with each other.”

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Michael Redmond

Associate Professor

“Never stop learning.”

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