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Three Career Opportunities for M.S. in Computer Information Science – Data Science Grads

A decade ago, Harvard Business Review predicted data science would become the “sexiest” profession of the 21st century. It was correct, noting now that data scientists are “more in demand than ever.” Private and public organizations’ adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies drives huge demand for professionals with advanced expertise and insights into collecting, processing, mining and analyzing data.

The complexity of those rapidly evolving computer technologies also accounts for the explosive growth in the career market: No single business unit can know everything about the total value of data it can access. Instead of placing a data scientist in every unit or hiring armies of them, technology-mature companies provide autonomous access to analytics through self-service data platforms in operations as diverse as software development and business and information analysis.

“Data science is a versatile discipline and can be used by businesses to increase efficiency, strengthen consumer relationships, and accomplish business objectives,” according to the professional networking site LinkedIn.

How Do Professionals Acquire the Data Science Skills That Increase Their Marketability?

A Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Information Science with a Specialization in Data Science equips graduates for various in-demand careers across a wide spectrum of industries.

The program offered online by La Salle University provides a comprehensive study of data science that challenges participants to create, plan and implement data solutions specific to current technologies. The program curriculum includes such courses as:

  1. Data Processing and Database Management. Explores the strategic role of systems, architecture, definitions and manipulation languages in business projects.
  2. Data Mining. Investigate Machine Learning algorithms and techniques such as conceptual clustering, learning decision rules, decision trees and Bayesian analysis.
  3. Artificial Intelligence. Delves into big data and data mining techniques used in applications such as autonomous aircraft and automobiles, personal assistants, IT security software, fraud investigations and credit bureaus.
  4. Optimization Methods for Data Analytics. Studies mathematical models that can be employed to make informed decisions in many data-driven fields, among them finance, banking, marketing, health care, retail, manufacturing and transportation.

A data science concentration in computer information science enriches students’ knowledge of automated data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, extracting value from stored data.

What Professions Benefit From Expertise in Data Science?

Adding such in-demand data science skills helps candidates entering the job market or moving up the career ladder compete for roles such as:

  • Software developer. An M.S. in Computer Information Science with a Specialization in Data Science gives developers a strong foundation in analytics, statistics and machine learning. Understanding those disciplines enables them to integrate data-driven insights into software applications and supports cross-team collaboration with data scientists, project managers and business users. Moreover, with the growing importance of data-driven decision-making in many industries, software developers specializing in data science may be more attractive to employers and have access to a wider range of career opportunities. Software developer positions are expected to grow by 25% through 2031 and offer a median salary of $109,000.
  • Business analyst. Data is the cornerstone of initiatives to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. Analysts with a data science background can more effectively collect and analyze sales, operations and customer data to identify trends and patterns. Those insights enable them to monitor and evaluate performance, identify process improvement and expansion opportunities and recommend strategies to meet business objectives. Business analyst roles are projected to grow by 11% through 2031 and offer a median salary of $93,000.
  • Information analyst. Information analysts responsible for analyzing, organizing and managing information within an organization benefit from a background in data science for several reasons. First, the concentration drives technical proficiency in programming languages used in data analysis and modeling. It also provides insights into emerging technologies, which can help them to better manage and analyze data within their organization. Information analyst positions should grow by 21% through 2031 and offer a median salary of $131,000.

The online M.S. in Computer Information Science – Data Science program from La Salle University can help students begin or advance rewarding careers in such roles.

Learn more about La Salle University’s online M.S. in Computer Information Science – Data Science program.

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