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Why Computer Science Professionals Have Promising Career Prospects

The broad field of computer science concerns the design, theory, execution, application and performance of computational systems. A degree in computer science can open the doors to lucrative careers, job security and expansive job opportunities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), occupations in the computer and information research sciences are expected to grow 21% through 2031, much faster than average. As one of the fastest-growing fields, the computer science space requires that professionals have in-demand skills in project management, data analytics, technical writing, problem-solving, math and more.

An online Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Information Science with a Specialization in IT and Cybersecurity Policy program from La Salle University can help students develop the ability to apply technical solutions to real-world challenges as they prepare for information technology (IT) leadership roles in a growing industry. This online degree program prepares students to advance their careers while developing the expertise to succeed in IT and cybersecurity policy.

Highly Desired Skills of Computer Scientists

An M.S. in Computer Information Science can help prepare graduates for IT and cybersecurity careers. The hard and soft skills gained by earning such a degree and through professional training are vital to working in this field. Below are some in-demand skills that computer scientists need to be competitive:

  • Problem-solving. Creating solutions and making decisions using logical approaches to a problem to achieve objectives is an important skill in computer science.
  • Project management. The ability to lead teams of people to complete projects is crucial for computer scientist professionals. Knowing how to delegate, mitigate risk, anticipate outcomes and allocate resources is key.
  • Math. Some fundamental math skills computer science professionals use to complete projects include knowledge of discrete mathematics, linear algebra, statistics and calculus.

Top Careers for Computer Scientists

Completing La Salle’s online M.S. in Computer Information Science with a Specialization in IT and Cybersecurity Policy program allows graduates to pursue the following careers:

  • Senior software engineer. This computer science professional works on software, collects data, manages projects and oversees a team of engineers while keeping current on new technologies. A senior software engineer in the United States has an average base salary of $140,152.
  • Data manager. A data manager is in charge of developing, organizing, storing, managing and analyzing data to meet the needs of an organization. This position has an average annual base salary of $83,619, which can vary due to experience level and location.
  • Project manager. An IT project manager plans and executes projects. They are responsible for developing and completing an IT plan while solving computer-related problems, keeping team members on track and planning a budget. A project manager’s average base salary is $86,071.

About La Salle University’s Online IT and Cybersecurity Policy Program

The online M.S. in Computer Information Science with a Specialization in IT and Cybersecurity Policy program enables students to add value to organizations while expanding their career opportunities.

Students in this program will gain experience integrating various technical solutions and enhance their ability to ensure the privacy of a company’s most important data. This 100% online degree program uses the latest software engineering methodologies and case studies to develop real-life business solutions.

Learn more about La Salle University’s online M.S. in Computer Information Science with a Specialization in IT and Cybersecurity Policy program.

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