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Get the Career You Want With an MBA in Finance

A finance-focused MBA is a key step for professionals seeking upper-management positions such as investment banking analyst and chief financial . This graduate degree teaches the leadership and decision-making skills that enable students to operate at more senior and often strategic levels in a business. It also deepens their understanding of financial foundations of the business and equips them with the skills required for advanced analytical techniques across a range of business situations. Given the important role financial insights play in the business world, holding an MBA with a finance specialization can open many doors.

Careers Options With an MBA in Finance

Investment banking analysts do the heavy lifting when it comes to performing the analytical work needed within the banking sector. Typical job functions may include building and evaluating financial models that project earnings based on different debt and equity scenarios and creating PowerPoint presentations for potential clients. The positions are notorious for requiring long hours, but the average pay is among the highest in the finance sector, according to CNBC, which listed the median income for this job at $105,000 in 2017.

Senior financial analysts are the primary source of advice when companies need business insight on financial matters such as mergers and acquisitions, bond purchases, and other investment matters. Financial analysts must have a deep understanding of the macroeconomics and microeconomics of the industries they work in. Using that knowledge and insight, these number crunchers prepare models that predict economic conditions based on a variety of variables. According to PayScale, the average salary for senior financial analysts is $78,340 (October 2018).

A chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for managing the financial decisions of a company. This senior executive is responsible for a range of tasks, such as tracking cash flow, analyzing financial weaknesses and projecting growth. CFOs are also responsible for collecting and publishing financial reports in an accurate and timely manner. Crucial business decisions, whether regarding tax filings or strategies and purchases, often require a CFO’s approval. These business leaders are expected to provide guidance on policies and update other executives on business finance matters. The median income for an entry-level CFOs is $96,072, according to PayScale (October 2018).

chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking leader within a company. The primary responsibility for these executives is to manage a company’s operations while acting as a liaison between the board of directors and staff. A vital skill for CEOs is the ability to understand the financial structures and performance of the business, as well as the financial impact that operations and decisions have on the business. For small companies, CEOs often handle day-to-day operations, while large corporations task CEOs with directing the company’s overall growth. The average salary for this position was $161,076 in October 2018, according to PayScale.

The online MBA with a specialization in finance program from La Salle University prepares students for leadership roles within finance. Through a forward-looking curriculum, students in this program gain experience in subjects like global markets, risk management, advanced accounting techniques and more.

Learn more about La Salle University’s online MBA program with a Finance Specialization.


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