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What’s New in Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses articles, videos and other types of content to attract audiences with the goal of converting them into customers. This strategic approach to marketing is more subtle than traditional advertising. Examples of content marketing include Instagram hashtag campaigns, blogs on popular topics or sponsored content in the form of online articles and videos. The idea is to make marketing a useful resource for information and entertainment.

Effective content marketing can attract large numbers of followers who become loyal to a particular brand. As social media, video streaming, ecommerce and other online destinations make traditional marketing less effective, content marketing becomes an important tool for marketers to reach new audiences.

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New Trends in Content Marketing

Like all forms of marketing and advertising, content marketing continues to evolve. Here are just a few of the up-and-coming trends:


“Inside Trader Joe’s,” “Slack Variety Pack” and other branded podcasts garner large audiences. Statista projects the number of podcast listeners in the U.S. to reach 164 million in 2024. Many of those potential customers listen while driving or preparing meals, making it much more likely that they will hear an entire episode. Writing, producing and promoting podcasts can be time-consuming, requiring a long-term commitment from content marketers, but the benefits of well-executed podcasting strategy can be immense.

Video and Livestream

Consider these 2022 statistics based on survey data from Wyzowl:

      • Watching explainer videos helped 96% of people learn about products or services.
      • Watching a video encouraged 89% of people to buy a product or service.
      • Watching a video led 79% of people to buy software or an app.

With the continued popularity of YouTube videos and Instagram stories — as well as the rapidly growing popularity of TikTok videos — content marketers must consider making videos and livestreams a part of their marketing efforts.

Voice Search

Experts predict the number of monthly voice searches will surpass two billion in 2024, according to Tech Report. With keyboard-based searches trending down and advancements in generative AI vastly increasing the capabilities of voice search and response, content marketers should be mindful of how their websites and marketing efforts can be optimized to answer vocalized queries.


Consumers seek companies that feel and operate like small businesses, not large corporations. Modern consumers choose to support businesses that exhibit genuine value-alignment and authenticity as demonstrated through everything from customer-centric product design and development to marketing practices. Providing employee testimonials and livestreams can make a company more relatable to potential customers.

AI and Chatbots

Evolving chatbots use generative AI to answer both simple and increasingly complex questions from customers and potential customers. By offering customers a way to interact at a time and place of their choosing, companies can develop a relationship that could later translate into a sale. Moreover, marketers can use generative AI software to augment content creation, whether searching for trending topics or actually generating content (or components of content). It is unlikely generative AI will fully replace the “human component” of content marketing and creation. Yet it could save marketers an immense amount of time — to the tune of one month a year according to recent surveys — freeing up that time for meaningful work.

Online Tools that Guide Social Media Posts

Deciding which blogs, articles photos or videos to share on social media is an important task for content managers. Thankfully, powerful analytics and automation tools can help marketers perform audience analysis, decide on content type, select a platform and even schedule automated posts at optimal times to support campaign goals. Many companies use online tools to measure viewer engagement. As with most current technology-based business solutions, generative AI will likely drive a great deal of development in the online tools marketers use.

Gain the Skills to Be a Leader in Content Marketing

The two most significant trends shaping content marketing are technology and authenticity. Using trending technology platforms and being honest about how you present your business can help you stay ahead in the increasingly competitive field of content marketing.

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